Directed Studies – week one

The act of visual expression allows individuals to exemplify diverse unspoken communication and the opportunity to open up a greater dialogue that lives beyond the picture plane. This visual communication becomes a creative sentiment when the end product of art and craft is not the principle focus. I want to fully understand the moments that I experience at the places I visit through process making. The environment should be depicted in a way it is understood and used, through different media, such as sketches, drawings, paintings, and photographs. The study is about process and experience and will evolve through observation and previous work made through sketch studies.

Everything will be illustrated and shown through an online blog format, where I am going to upload every week the daily sketch studies, accompanied by a short essay explaining the work and the purpose/meaning. The type of work produced will be developed through the understanding and the experience throughout the course and will maintain a focus on the process of making itself rather than its product.

For my first week of sketches I decided to go back to the basics in the beginning by drawing what I see and working on some drawing exercises such as gesture and blind contour. Although an exercise, these methods can lead to an ideal embodiment of a fleeting moment. The sketches I have produced are all from the property where I keep my two horses; a place of retreat for my thoughts and a sanctuary for stillness. I spent some more time digging into the the details of this location through visual embodiment