The Gibbes Museum of Art

While visiting Charleston, South Carolina I was fortunate to be able to visit the Gibbes Museum of Art. After recently undergoing renovations, it had recently been reopened to the public and still had the “new car” smell. The museum features two floors of galleries containing classical works such as portraits, landscapes, and antique furniture to contemporary works. Much of the gallery pertains to the South and history of Charleston.

One piece that particularly stood out to me was a large water color in the modern and contemporary section entitled, “Acorn” 2014, by Mary Whyte. Whyte is a local artist from charleston who is able to capture incredible detail in water color to create photo realistic images.

Another artist that I enjoyed were Damian Stamer’s oil paintings in “The Things We Carry: Contemporary Art in the South” gallery of the museum. This show was organized in response to the tragic shooting at Emanuel African Episcopal Church in Charleston. These works address the troubled history of the American South and how contemporary artists represent that history.

Although a small show, Damien’s works made the biggest impression for me. The way he manipulated material and focused on the process of making is something that I strive for in my own work.


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