Directed Studies Extended Drawings

For my first piece I wanted to extend methods from a series of works I did during senior studio. They were inspired by representational moments of natural light that were depicted in an abstracted way. The way of making was heavily process based and involved multiple methods such as drawing, painting, and carving. I wanted to continue this mindset for a piece in this class but in a different way.

Throughout the course I have been most drawn to nature and its natural phenomenons such as rain. Rain is a common occurrence in the summer, and I would frequently witness steam rising from the ground after a storm. I wanted to capture this fleeting moment in form by putting together a color pallet that represented rain, humidity, and red clay. Then I carved the motion of the heat rising into the wooden panel. The wood was stained with two different colors to increase the tension of this transforming of water from liquid to gas and to enhance the contrast of colors used.


The next piece was inspired by an artist named Rosalie Gascoigne. She collected scrap that others did not want and transformed it into beautiful works of art. Rosalie sought out objects that had truly been used and had something more to say as opposed to some plain and newly store bought. I really enjoyed this mindset because I too appreciate the “ugly” things so to speak. But instead of making the found objects into art I made art with the objects.

Since most of my walls were in pasture or through the woods, sticks were a very common occurrence. I had made some sketches with them dipped into ink and other materials and enjoyed the outcome. The sticks produced exciting marks and really created an extended barrier between myself and the picture plane. With many different sizes and lengths of sticks I created a piece that shows the anxiety of coming into close contact with one’s true self; which I believe these meditative walks and sketches introduce.



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