Directed Studies – week two

This week has been all about routine and the same mundane things that cross my path on a daily basis. In the midst of sameness, I am learning to saturate myself in stillness and discover the beauty in the environment around me whether it be indoors or the simple act of nature such as rain.

Much of this week’s sketches include just that: mundane objects, the dogs I am watching over, the horses I care for daily, and the little things that my little world has to offer. From this, I have gathered information for my first project. This will be a continuation from my senior studio work that involved depicting representational moments in an abstracted fashion. I will continue the use of a 12’x 12′ wooden panel and experimenting with the surface through the addition of materials and subtraction of the wood. The “moment” I will replicate will be heat rising from the ground after a summer storm. There is beauty in my little world of repetition and I hope to capture their delicacies through mark making. This moment comes from my backyard, a place that most of us take for granted.




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