Greenville County Museum of Art

The Greenville County Museum of Art is a small gem near downtown Greenville. Although small, it had southern charm with its wide collection of Andrew Wyeth water colors, the flags of Jasper Johns, and much more.

Alongside the Wyeth paintings, were a number of landscape paintings that emphasized the feeling of sublime. Although more traditional, there was one oil painting that I was particularly drawn to. Rudolph Ingerle’s “Evening Sky” 1925, played up the motion of a cloudscape and how the sky can hold just as much tension and vastness as the land. Much of my work is inspired by nature so I have a soft spot for some landscapes.


Another work I enjoyed was a mixed media piece in “Persons of Interest” section of the museum. Jamie Wyeth’s “Consommé” 2013, is a portrait of a woman on top of archival cardboard. I appreciated the use of different media and its application onto an uncommon artist’s surface.


Lastly, I found interest in one of Jasper John’s works. Surprisingly not one of his better known flags or targets, but a patterned print. I had not seen much of this type of his work before. Lately, many of my sketches had involved patterning so I was pleased to find some in the museum.


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